Thursday, November 17, 2016

9 to 5

While everybody out there working a 9 to 5. I'm at home with about 5 to 9 minutes to myself. #ILoveWhatIDo #FullTimeMommy #AlwaysWorkingOverTime #NoDaysOff

Saturday, November 12, 2016



I shall and I will make something great of myself and of my time. My brain is hungry for knowledge and my pockets are craving cash. It's about time I do something and act upon what I preach.

Friday, November 11, 2016

First Couponing Trip

So today I went to Walgreens, tried to do my first couponing trip. Got nothing for free. 😭 But, I did get 3 neutrogena face soaps, 2 suave body wash and 2 dove men body wash for $29.35. Which I felt was pretty darn good, considering that the Neutrogena face soap already cost about $10 each, dove men body wash at $6.49 each and the suave body wash $2 each. So basically saved about 45% of what I would have spent. Pretty proud and we're definitely saving $20 that I could use for something else. Hopefully next time I'll get better deals and spend way less money with more items. Really was hoping to score Beats by Dre headphones today that they had at Target, normally about $100 something but with CartWheel and all, it would have been about $30. But it was all sold out, everyone got there before I could get my hands on one! Next time, next time. And until next time! ✌

Thursday, November 10, 2016


I've been up since about 3 something AM, can't sleep now. At first I woke up to pee, then my son woke up and he couldn't sleep. I think just about 4:10 he started to fall back asleep and I was stuck.. wide awake. All these thoughts just running through my head. Thoughts about life but mainly about my son's first birthday. I know, I know. You're probably thinking, Why is she stressing about her son's first birthday now? Hes only 5 months! Well where I'm from a child's 1st birthday is a huge thing. Plus even though he turns 1 in May, I'm having his party in July... Yeah, big jump. And everyone knows July is a busy month! Grad parties, birthdays, weddings, visitors. All happen in July. Ahh summer time. I only chose July because I have the misfortune of having my family all from different states and 1 member from a different country. So, Julys' the best time because atleast my familys' there.

I know I'm sorta jumping subjects but, about today.. I've noticed my 5 almost 6 month old, he's been comfortably sleeping on his sides. Like, he loves sleeping on his side. I could move him to his back and he complains and lightly cries.. is it all my fault? I breastfed him laying down and he would lay side ways to eat and fall asleep right after. Well it's not a problem but he does sometimes roll fully forward and I'm not comfortable with seeing him sleep on his tummy or having to see him wake up because he caught himself going to tummy time. Waking up on his tummy, having to hold his head up must be so unpleasant for him. Beside me worrying about how he sleeps, I stressed about his party some more. Booking vendors, then ordering food or catering, then decorations, center pieces and all that fun stuff last. Going one by one right now I'm booking vendors and slowly getting into figuring out where we're catering or ordering food from. So much to think about...

Well those thoughts at 5AM and its been about 19 minutes now so I'm going to try to fall asleep, oh I just yawned, so falling asleep might just be easier than it seems. See ya'.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Let's Begin

So let me somewhat introduce myself.. I'm a first time mommy to my handsome son who makes 6 months on November 19th a day after I turn 23 years old. Yes, this is another mom blog. And no, I'm not trying to make money blogging but it would be nice.. but we all know that ain't happening. Basically going to be blogging about anything I go through. It could be reviews on products, could be just nonsense about my day, could be some tough emotional shit, could be updates on me being a mom or my son learning new things, could be whatever I want and whatever I feel. Hence the blog title Observe. Grow. Learn. and thats pretty much what I do everyday.. and it pretty much sums up what this blog is going to be about. So Observe. Grow. Learn. and Enjoy.